Craftsman/Atlas Lathe rebuild, 
by Joel Stribling.
Craftsman 12"x 36" lathe  
Manufactured by Atlas for Sears, Roebucks and Co.
Model: 101 28910
Serial Number: 104356
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The Lathe was picked up at a Memorial Day garage sale.  The former owner was just wheeling it out of the garage when the wife and I pulled up. Having looked for this particular model for years, I knew exactly what he had.  I was reluctant to ask the price for fear it would be outrageous, but when he said he would like to get $250 I almost fell over.  The lathe has had several owners and has been used commercially.  Year of manufacturer was 1972 and it came with the original owners manual, which has handwritten notations of all the accessories purchased by the first owner.  The total cost in 1972 was $1222.65.  If this story seems too good to be true, here's another bit of good fortune, the owner said he would deliver it, which he did later that day.  I feel luck was very much with me this day.


My first job, working in a machine shop, left lasting impressions.  Machine work is now an avocation, once you do this kind of work it gets in your blood.  I particularly like working with plastics now, they are very clean and easy to work. My other former jobs: Aviation Machinist Mate USN, Template Maker for Douglas Aircraft Co.  My time with Douglas Aircraft, without a doubt, was the most interesting job I've had. 

The last several years I have been using my machining and tool building abilities to assist in projects in sculpting and mold making.  I like the odd and interesting projects.

My shop is under my house, the corner of the basement, about a ten foot square area, just me the Newts and the Spiders. 
Joel Stribling

Refurbished compound rest,
cross slide screw assembly. 
Rear view of apron showing gear train and accumulated grime. 
Tools and tool bits that came
with the lathe. 
Apron showing split nut and threading dial
Follow rest and steady rest,
three chucks and assorted
other tools that came with
the lathe. 
Quick change gear box side view. 
View prior to disassembly.  Spindle assembly, gear end. 
Saddle shown and compound rest removed. Headstock gear assembly.
Apron shown and hand-wheel removed.  Saddle and apron assembly before cleaning. 
Headstock and quick change assembly.  Saddle and apron assembly after cleaning. 
Gear train for the Craftsmen lathe.  To the right is the back-gear. Middle is the drive pulleys. Left side to the top is the spindle gear and lower is the back-gear assembly. 
Gear train and pulleys. Spindle showing locking pin. 
Covers and counter shaft assembly.  Quick change box showing lead screw clutch. 
Headstock.  Spindle gear train. 
Tailstock Motor and counter shaft assembly. 
Model and Serial number plate located at the end of the bed.  Spindle speed selection plate. 
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