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The truth about shipping:

Shipping is normally done via ground service either FedEx or UPS.  

We can ship any carrier upon request, USPS, FedEx, 2nd day, UPS red label, common carrier freight these will be charged as necessary and there will be a handling fee if our personnel has to hand carry your package to a service outside our normal account.  

We do have requests to ship domestically or internationally via USPS, or USPS flat rate. We resist this option for two reasons. First is because we have had delivery problems and lost packages. The post office will not even admit a package is missing for 30 to 60 days. We have never had a successful claim on a lost package.  They put up so many hurdles that it is just not worth the effort.  Secondly, we have to hand carry packages to the post office and this is a forty to over an hour operation, so we have to charge $6 to $10 handling fee to cover labor and we don't make the trip till we have at least two packages to go.  

We are committed to using the best method of shipping that we can, shipping is a key element of our business and we will always attempt to do the make the best choices we can. Know this: You are protected by us and our guarantee, if your package is lost we will replace or refund. If the worst happens we ask for your patience, it usually takes a week or so for FedEx or UPS Ground to do their search and admit that they can not find the package.  At which point if we can replace, we will. If we can not, then we will refund your total, including shipping. 

Shipping delays: We normally ship twice a week .   Tuesday and Friday, if we receive payment on Monday you package could go out on Tuesday. If we receive payment on Friday it will be Tuesday. If we get payment late Monday it could be Friday. So the delay between receiving payment and shipping will be one to five days.  If you are in a panic then we can expedite your shipping, just as you can send payment via next day.  We now accept paypal as payment and this can speed shipment dramatically. 

Shipping charges: We basically weigh the package once wrapped. The warehouse guys are wrapping fiends. IF the package were alive it would certainly suffocate and probably suffer a broken rib while being taped. In the beginning we wrapped normally and the carrier busted packages on a regular basis.  You would think these shipping guys are launching packages via catapult across the country. Lucky for us, most of our products are pieces of materials that can with-stand being driven over by a truck and not be damaged. The problem is, losing labels and having multiple items separated and lost forever.  So the guys at the warehouse wrap as though their life depended on it.  Strapping tape, mylar tape, ceran wrap, shrink wrap, cardboard, pallet boards, are all materials we utilized.

Once weighed, the destination zip and weight is entered into a program, this is a proprietary in-house, modified UPS program that adjusts for package size, this program comes up with an amount.

Our customers should understand that when we set the shipping charges, we do not really KNOW what they are going to be. The shipper will adjust, discount, surcharge as they see fit and we get a bill a week or so after the package is sent.  So it is imperative that we have an accurate estimate of shipping. 

We do a survey of shipping charged verses actually shipping cost twice a year.  This study covers more than 500 consecutive packages.   The difference between what we charged the customer for shipping and what the common carrier charged us for shipping is on average  $0.11234 per package. Or put another way, after five hundred packages we made approximately $45 on shipping.    The most we lost was $8.21 on a package and the most we made was $7.84. On average we are within $.24 on shipping.   If during our auditing we found that the customer has been overcharged by more than $6 we issue a credit to that customer.   We have done this since 2001 to thirty-eight customers.

We would like to assure our customers that we are not here to make a profit on shipping. We are also not going to lose money on shipping. We do not normally charge for handling or packaging. Packaging is our cost and is paid for out of our basic profit structure. If you desire a carrier other than UPS or FedEx Ground, our normal procedures, this means we have to hand carry, stand in line and pay cash for the shipping. This is an extra service and we will charge for that service.

Many customers request the bundling of Lots in a single shipping. We are more than happy to do this within certain parameters.  Bundling is a normal procedure, your lots may go into HH status, which is "Hold" status. This means that the lot is waiting for further instructions or lots.  

Emails: The computer handles lots as individual entities. Even if the lots are being bundled and shipping adjusted you will still receive individual emails, one per each lot. 

Some basic shipping parameters, First: Any package that is more than sixty inches will incur a shipping surcharge, remember this in on the package size and not the material size.  This is why we usually request cutting to 48" for most lots.

Second: Lot dimensions and characteristics: If your lots are twenty pounds of short rod ends and a large sheet of UHMW it is easier for the packers to send one in a box and wrap the other in cardboard. If you have purchased a 1/4" diameter x 60" long piece of material and know that you are going to cut it to six inch pieces then help us and yourself, by sharing that information. Many items can be packaged easier if we can cut them. 

Making life better for us, means that we don't have to charge for packaging. This is an important consideration. Many small lot sellers add $3 to $6 per item for packaging and handling. As a purchaser this looks like a rip, so with your help we can continue with our policy of NO HANDLING OR PACKAGING CHARGES.

The most cost effective package weight is twenty pounds plus. There is a minimum charge of $8 for any package, going anywhere. 

We hope this information is useful and will help raise the level of understanding between us and our customers.  

Machinist-Materials, Inc.