Direct Sales, Sale Completion procedures:

For those customers that have completed a sale via auction, the procedure
for Direct Sales is pretty much the same.

Emails: The computer handles lots as individual entities. Even if the lots are being bundled and shipping adjusted you will still receive individual emails, one per each lot. 

1. The materials are listed as lots and are placed for sale through the website. Each lot is a separate group of materials. If the description says the quantity is THREE, then there are three items in that lot.

We do take special requests via e-mail:  For the most part we like email communications better than phone calls. This gives us a written record of the request, including contact information and such.

Your emails are being answered by our Fort Lauderdale office, yet most of the materials are either in Tampa, FL or St. Petersburg, FL. If your request can not be answered using the database, then your request will be sent to the warehouses to see if there might be something that fits the bill that is not yet on the database. We are bringing materials in at a rate of about three thousand pounds a week. So there are new items daily going onto the database.

2. When you decide on a particular LOT send us the lot number you desire and we will respond via email.  We will need your contact information, shipping address and phone number, along with the lot number(s) of the items you desire. 

3. We then send out a "congratulations notice" to all High Bidders stating high bid amount and requesting shipping information. The "high bidder" terminology is a remnant of the auto-email program that we use. It is the same for Directs as it is for Auctions.  Do not be confused by the term. 

We index our database using Lot numbers and e-mail addresses and it is important that you use lot numbers in all your communications and that there is no confusion about e-mail addresses.

4. We will respond within 24 hours with shipping cost and a total.  The lot will move directly to CW status, which means it is sold and waiting for payment.

If you have a number of LOTS that you wish to purchase want to combined shipment we will hold all CW LOTS till you notify us that you are ready for them to ship or we notify the high bidder that the pile is large enough.  No items will ship till payment has been received.

6. As payment is received for each item the status of the LOT changes to CS, which means it is ready to ship. E-mail notification will be sent to high bidder that payment has been received and is being processed.  Shipment will occur unless there are instructions to hold.

7. Payment may be in the form of Company Check, Personal Check, Money Order or Bank Draft.

Currently we are not set up to take Credit Cards.  Payment procedures and information. 

Shipping: is via RPS Ground.  Truth In Shipping

8. When the package is shipped you will get a SH (shipped) notice via e-mail.

9. We request that when the package arrives that you send us a notice via email, we will then change the lot status to FB, meaning that it has arrived.

If at any time, communication seems to have broken down, please try again. We send out our phone number with every communication and you are welcome to give us a call as a last resort. E-mail is the best communication tool, we are answering e-mail every day, sometimes all day.

I hope that this information helps and that we may enjoy a positive relationship for years to come.  Machinist-Materials is now eighteen months old and we are having a grand time. We wish to thank everyone who has offered kind words and deeds of support. We are excited to be involved in a unique business opportunity where everyone is getting value. We are excited to see that others have followed our lead and are offering machineable materials on eBay and other auctions.

May every drop, cut off and production leftover get one more chance to be turned or milled into something useful. 

Sincerely,  Machinist Materials.

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