Auction Sale Completion Procedures:

Emails: The computer handles lots as individual entities. Even if the lots are being bundled and shipping adjusted you will still receive individual emails, one per each lot. 

1. The materials are listed as lots and are placed for sale either directly through the website or on auction. We do take special requests via e-mail:

2. If you are purchasing through an auction and are the High Bidder, both you and Machinist-Materials will  receive an e-mail from eBay "end of auction notice"Currently this may take as long as a couple of days.

3. We then send out a "congratulations notice" to all High Bidders stating high bid amount and requesting shipping information. We index our database using Lot numbers and e-mail addresses and it is important that you use lot numbers in all your communications and that there is no confusion about your e-mail address.

4. Once this notice is sent, the Lot will move to CL status and we await a response from the High Bidder. If we do not have a response in a few days we will send another e-mail. We currently have no time limit on response, we understand that everyone is busy and it may take a day or two to respond. If it becomes necessary to put a time limit on this step we will do so. 

PLEASE: be sure to include Lot Numbers along with eBay numbers in all communications. Lot Numbers are how we attempt to keep track of over two hundred current items.

5. Once the High Bidder responds acknowledging the auction and sending shipping address information, the LOT status changes to CW, which means we have made contact and now await payment. With the CW notice you will also receive shipping cost. For more on shipping go to SHIPPING DETAILS.

If you have a number of LOTS that you are currently bidding on and wish to combined shipment we will hold all CW lots, till you notify us that you are ready for them to ship or we notify the high bidder that the pile is large enough.  Lot on Hold will go to HH status and an HH status notification is sent.  No items will ship till payment has been received.

6. As payment is received, for each item or group of items, the status of the LOT changes to CS, which means it is ready to ship. E-mail notification will be sent to high bidder that payment has been received and is being processed.  Shipment will occur unless there are instructions to hold. There is a SH notice sent as shipping occurs, shipping normally will happen within a few days of receipt of payment. 

Shipping: is via UPS Ground, unless otherwise specified.  Truth in Shipping

7. When the package is received by the High Bidder we request e-mail notification. Feedback is the methodology of keeping track of bidders and sellers record of transactions. We appreciate positive feedback for all positive transactions and we DEMAND an opportunity to redeem ourselves if the transaction is less than positive. We ask that we have this opportunity BEFORE, you, the customer, resort to placing negative feedback.  We guarantee customer satisfaction. Please give us a chance to make good on our guarantee. 

If at any time, communication seems to have broken down, please try again. We send out our phone number with every communication and you are welcome to give us a call as a last resort. E-mail is the best communication tool, we are answering mail every day, sometimes all day.

I hope that this information helps and that we may enjoy a positive relationship for years to come.  Machinist-Materials is a new venture and we are having a grand time. We wish to thank everyone who has offered kind words and deeds of support. We are excited to be involved in a unique business opportunity where everyone is getting value. 


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