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Truth about payments:

UPDATE, we have established a paypal account:


We are no longer are charging a fee for paypal payments. The reason for this is simple, it is too complicated to explain to the few that want to use paypal.  But,  we will require you to bundle your lots and make a single payment. 

NOTE: PAYPAL costs, and the costs are significant. To date with more than 400 payments, we have collected $800 in fees.  The cost to us of paypal for those same 400 payments was $738.46.  So per payment to date, with 400 transactions and our $2 fee we were ahead by $.15 per payment.  Without the fee the this would have been $738.46 out of our pocket.  We are not sure we will be able to continue using paypal. What will probably happen is that we are going to have to eliminate the small sales, those $.99 items and we are going to have raise our prices.  The accounting for a $.99 item is difficult anyway.  With $.30 listing fee, 5% commission, 3% and $.30 paypal transaction fees, our cost of $.10 to $.30 for the material and then the labor of listing, photographing, packaging, shipping, tape and packing materials, we are losing about $5 every time we try to sell something for $.99,  paypal just makes this situation worse. 

Emails: The computer handles lots as individual entities. Even if the lots are being bundled and shipping adjusted you will still receive individual emails, one per each lot. 

CHECKS:  Personally I would rather pay by check, it helps keep track of where the money is, can be cancelled if need be.  A check is a contract between the buyer and the seller. A contract that specifies that I, the buyer have the money and have agreed to give that money to the seller. The money only changes hands when the seller deposits the check. So the money is secure in the banking system, instead of being in transit with the post office.  I am not sure about the rest of you out there but I have more faith in the banks than I do the post office. 

What about time delay for holding?  We reserve the right to hold any check.  With that said, we do not normally hold checks.  If you are a repeat customer, the amount is in the $20 to $30 range, if you have good feedback then we will usually process the shipment as soon as we get payment.  If the sale is large, the buyer is seems a little squirrelly, or if you are new to us, or you have a number or negative feedback comments, then we may hold check till it clears.

The entire process of purchasing anything on the net or through a catalog is based on a level of trust.   Our position is that we will do the very best we can to accurately describe the material or product. We also extend an excellent guarantee.  If you don't like it send it back, if the problem is ours we will refund the entire amount including shipping.

Our business is built on customer satisfaction and repeat business.  We have just completed our annual survey and out more than 12000 sales, and 4000 customers we have had less than a dozen  sales that did not go well and only one where we were unable to make the customer happy, and this one had to do with FedEx losing a package that we did not have the ability to replace the material and the customer did not want a refund, they wanted their material.  This is a success rate of better than 99.9%. 

We try to offer excellent value to our customers and attempt at every opportunity to make their experience with Machinist Materials a positive one. 


Credit Cards:   We do not accept credit cards directly, you may use your credit card through paypal


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