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It is our desire to have 100% satisfied customers and we believe that if everyone knows what to expect and which tasks are the responsibility of whom, then we should move along smartly.

New Items and frequently asked questions:

1. Our normal shipping will is now being done through UPS Ground Service. If we have to ship in any other manner, where one of our employees has to hand carry your package to Fed-Ex Air, USPS there will  be a $10 service fee.  This covers 45 minutes of labor to drive to a facility with your package and back. This surcharge will be charged to every package or group of packages that we have to special handle.  Please take this into consideration when purchasing.  We will ship anywhere, Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico, the usual method is via USPS. 

2. Our preferred payment is checks.  Money orders or business checks are fine. We are now taking PayPal electronic payment. 

3. Expediting shipment: sometimes you may NEED your material quickly, the operative word is NEED. If this is the case please let us know.  The normal process from time of purchase to receipt is around a week. Your material will usually ship within four days of receipt of payment.  We ASK that you use this option sparingly, if it happens too often, where it hurts normal flow of shipping then we will have to start charging a surcharge for expedited shipping.  

4. The minimum shipping charge is $7, no matter what the weight or where it is going. If your package is small and low weight we suggest that you bundle with other lots to save on shipping.  We have completed our forth survey of shipping and find that we are making around $.08123 per package on shipping. If you are running a business out of your residence then the shipping cost is residential, there is a $1.30 to $2.80 charge for residential delivery.  There are ways to save on shipping, use an honest commercial shipping address and bundling lots into a single package.  

5. Why do I get multiple emails and multiple shipped notices. Why can't you bundle these into a single message and package?

Yes and no, we always try to bundle lots if we can. Shipping will be adjusted for lots packaged together. Individual emails, does not mean that your lots are not bundled.  The computer treats each lot as an individual entity and tracks each lot through status changes. This allows us to keep track of all our lots. We currently inventory and track nearly 2000 current lots.  This is why you will get individual emails for each lot as it changes status. 

6. Do not send cash, this should be easy to understand.

7. Privacy policy: You are our customers (to-date over 5400) and while we do collect information in our database, we have no intention to ever share our customer information with anybody. We do reserve the right to send email notifications to our customers, and we also reserve the right to send to our customers information on products and sale items. We have not done this so far,  but,  the occasion might present itself that we have some grand news we feel the need to herald.  

To many this is called SPAM, while it can be objectionable we hope ours never elicits this feeling. If you do not wish to ever get any email from us that is outside our normal sale procedures, you may request to be removed from our e-mailing list. 

8. Please do read the following pages about 
Auction sales
,   Direct sales,   shipping
and  payments.   
This is good specific information and will help in your general understanding.

9. We ask for your contact phone information and a contact name, this is for the shipper. The shipper's first option, if there is any problem, is to be able to CALL an INDIVIDUAL and ask where they are to deliver the package. I understand privacy concerns, but cooperation in this matter is important. We will NOT share this information, it is solely for our purposes.

10. Lot number, this is how we index. It is important to write your lot number on your checks. If you wish to communicate, please use the lot number of the item you are referring to. Ebay auction numbers are second in value, and can not be looked up once an auction is more than a month or so old. Also understand that currently there is only one and a half of us that answer the emails and we respond to between a hundred and two hundred a day, reference to a lot number makes our time more efficient.

11. The other two unique identifiers that we use in our database, the first is the customer's last name and the second is the customers e-mail address. It would be a big help if you had but a single unique email address for us. This should be the same as the email address you use as an ebay member.  At this time we are not able to auto-email or index to more than one email address. 

12.  We are changing our database all the time, evolving to meet new challenges. In the future we are going to go to an invoice system, and customer ID.  This will remove the confusion of getting an email for each lot.  Currently if you have more than five lots we intervene and produced an invoice for the group of lots manually.  We are also moving towards a total online edition of our catalog, that will searchable and use the same type of shopping cart system that you see commonly on e-business sites these days.  We are excited by these upgrades.  

13. Communication, email is primary. We check e-mail all day long, everyday of the week. Most questions will be answered in a few hours. If you wish to request certain materials or lots, the best method is e-mail. If you call we are not usually able to answer the question without getting to a terminal anyway. Also your questions are coming to Fort Lauderdale, and many times your answers are either in Largo, St. Louis or Virginia. so we are unable to answer your questions immediately. E-mail also gives us a written record, this helps a lot. So please use e-mail for your questions and RESIST calling unless it is an emergency. 

14. Some customers respond to an auction with only your zip, well this isn't going to work, we need your full contact information. We are unable to move the lot from CL to CW status in the computer without filling in the shipping information.

15.  Walk-in traffic: We are still mostly an e-business, we have opened a new physical location. This is our first to be open to the public on an irregular basis. For more information and directions go to Warehouse.

16. Our auction sale completion process starts when we receive "End of Auction Notice" from eBay, unfortunately that notice may not arrive for quite a while after the auction closes. We are seeing delays from 24 hours to 40 hours. I know this is a pain but it is out of our control, please be patient.

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